Ants in my Smartipants

So one day I was eating crackers and after I had eaten about 1/4 of the sleeve I noticed a small black thing on my cracker. Upon closer inspection I noticed that it was an ant. I then inspected the entire sleeve more closely and noticed that it was swarming with ants, ants on which I had been happily munching! That, my dear friends, is how there came to be ants in my smartipants!!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Happy Birthday Gavin

So yesterday was my buddy Gavins' birthday. We all went to our local watering hole in celebration. Although most people showed up around 8, I had class until 10 so I was late. The class in question was "The Psychology of Human Sexual" and today's seminar exercise was to decode a list of slang terms for things of or having to do with sex. As a present for Gavin I gave him the list and throughout the night defined terms such as gorilla salad, jersey city, to break her leg above the knee, Irish toothache, canned fruit and vegetarian. Education is important you know! It was good times!
After several hours and many people buying him drinks, Gavin was having a difficult time standing up straight. At one point he decided to slap my ass as I was leaning in to hug my boy. The force of the slap caused my boy to drop his beer and break a glass (Oh the alcohol abuse!!) After this event the bar tender forced my boy to use a plastic cup and resulted in everyone calling him "Plastic Cup" all night! Also throughout the night there was several performances of "Total Eclispe of the Heart" by my boy and Gavin. It certainly wouldn't be a night out with Gavin without hearing "And I need you now tonight, I FUCKING need you more than ever"
So Happy Birthday Gavin and may you not spend too long today worshiping the porcelain god!


  • At 12:05 AM, Blogger Kristen D said…

    ok you are going to have to define some of those for me
    Jersey City? Why do I think that has something to do with shit?

  • At 4:12 PM, Blogger Punchy said…

    break her leg above the knee??? Irish toothache??? oh dear. at your last birthday party, forever etched into my memory will be Gavin and Evan piggy backing and jumping up and down while singing total "eclipse of the heart". I hope never to see such a sight again....

  • At 4:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    it sounds like fun...i suddenly miss st. kitt;s and plastic cup and his off pitch singing...before his voice changed he could sing in tune...he was in petra pan u know...ahhh a budding star


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